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    Selcuk Hotel, which is close to many sightseeing areas in Izmir’s historical Selcuk district, buses pass by the location, five minutes walking distance to the train, offers a wide area with parking to individuals who come with their cars and has many rooms, and has come to the fore for many years. serves.

    Selcuk Hotel Advantage

    The biggest advantage of Selçuk Hotel is that it works with the hotel pricing system, which is at the lowest limit in the market, and that it is based on a pricing suitable for every pocket. Do you want to be both beautiful and affordable for your stay? Then Selçuk Hotel is for you! As the number of days you stay increases, our hotel offers a reasonable price reduction in accommodation and on some dates, there is a decrease with an incredible discount percentage.
    I want to stay in the hotel but do you want me to feel that this is not a hotel but a home? Clean beds, bed linen, wardrobes, decoration decorations that will make you feel comfortable, devices working with the latest system technology are available in every room, but we open our arms to each individual with the opportunity to have these opportunities at an affordable price.

    Our hotel has a unique view of Selcuk and we are moving forward with our steps to provide you with the best service with its clean toilet and bathroom and the technological tools in this area. If you want accommodation that does not look like staying at home, Selçuk Hotel is as close as a phone call!

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